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History, Heritage and Hope: 40 years of PGH Orthopedics

The Ruby Anniversary: Now and Then and Tomorrow

(excerpts from Dr. Leo Daniel Caro's article published on the Ortho Balita last December 2011)


The  culmination of the celebration held at the end of the year was meant to coincide with the Annual Meeting of the POA, the post graduate course was held on the afternoon of December 3, the last day of the POA.


The scientific activity was based on a trend-setting and fresh new format, bringing together the best minds of the Alumni and Faculty who have established their preeminence both here and abroad. They were tasked to discuss the most difficult and controversial areas of Cervical Spine Surgery, Osteoporotic Compression Fractures, Untreated Dysplasias, Recurring Sports injuries, Aggressive Arthritides and contentious treatment of clavicular fractures.


The Scientific Program was punctuated by a short session on the historical development of the subspecialty sections and capped by a critical analysis of the development of this Orthopedic organization - as analyzed by the past chairs and most respected alumni of the department- hinting strongly at the possible future direction of the growing organization known as the UP-PGH Department of Orthopedics.


As with any Orthopedic organization anywhere, after the scientific activity, a fellowship is inevitable – and there was more than just beer to toast with. All the alumni, special guests and the rest of our “Ortho Family”- our nurses, manangs and manongs to the party venue down the road- The Nipa Hut. We asked them to dress up to the theme of the party and hoped they would- and they did!.


Coming in afro wigs, disco outfits, platform shoes, tie-dye shirts, bellbottoms, boots and mini-skirts- everyone got into the spirit- “Back to the 70s”. And so went the night, swiftly through the packed

programme- recognizing our leaders and loyal partners, competing in contests for the “best batch”, the “best out-fit” and most “unforgettable character” of the night; everyone celebrated, as only “Orthos” can- with such pomp and uninhibited abandon.


Yes, it was “one-of-a-kind unforgettable”, and all but ended too briefly. For those who attended, they brought home regenerated memories of past and present friendships and closeness. For those who contributed but were unable to make it, the gratitude to them is embedded in us all.  And for those who missed it, the doors of the newly envigorated Alumni organization are always open, waiting to celebrate with you. And then, of course, we are already preparing for the next big milestone- the 50th or Golden Anniversary-and by all reckoning, you will not want to miss that one. See you in 2021!

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